Timeshares Tales

From time to time we will put up intersting reports from owners concerning their Timeshare experiences.

The following is from Owner Donna Jensen.

I was asked to share my experience this last year using timeshare trades and the Dial An Exchange timeshare company.

I'll include part of our holiday letter.

In February and March, we traveled throughout Australia and New Zealand for 7 ½ weeks with our friend Maris. We stayed at timeshare resorts in Australia near Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney before taking a 14-day cruise to Tasmania and southern New Zealand cities. The Fjords of southern New Zealand were spectacular. We then had 1-week stays in northern New Zealand at timeshare resorts in Auckland, Paihia and Maunganui. We thought the volcanic terrain of New Zealand was most scenic.

I used DAE to plan his trip. It took over a year but the company was extremely pleasant to work with, and very helpful. For the few days we were in Sydney and Auckland I used the Travel Services of DAE to book hotel stays. (We had started with VRBO but 6 months into the planning the first unit through VRBO cancelled. After that we went strictly with DAE).

I did much of the planning online and had 90% of the trip planned. A couple months before departure I still hadn't had the last week planned so I called DAE. I shared the progress I had made but explained I had booked my flights already, but needed one more week. I gave the resort I wanted in New Zealand. The representative took my information and made no promises but said she would see what she could do. The next morning she called me back and said I could not get into the resort I wanted, but there was one 1/2 mile away and would that work.............I was ecstatic. Yes...................we were set.

Now, because I had used timeshare trades, and because DAE had offered 2 weeks for every one of my banked weeks, these weeks cost a little more than 1/2 of what my maintenance costs are when you include the exchange fee. I added insurance on all of the weeks, so that was a little extra too. BUT, we couldn't have afforded to take this trip any other way. It was the trip of a lifetime and well worth it. The memories will last forever.

Oh, I also booked all of our tours, and even shuttles from the ports through the DAE Travel Services. I booked car rentals through Travel Services also.

At one of the resorts I had a valid complaint and tried to work with the resort to get it settled. When that didn't work I contacted DAE for compensation. I received (as requested) my exchange and insurance fee refunded, the exchanged week returned to my account, and a 1 year extension on my Gold Advantage Benefits. I only had to ask once...............and I asked because construction was taking place on the unit next to ours and it wasn't posted on the website. The resort had no other unit to offer us.

When I go to owners social nights at other resorts I can't say enough good things about DAE.

One other thing I'd like to share. To fly to Australia we used flyinfinite.com. I highly recommend these folks. Again, very pleasant to work with. The company is a brokerage for business miles. We flew 1st class on Virgin Australia for 1/4 the cost. We arrived fed, pampered, fully rested, and relaxed. It was wonderful.

I'd be happy to answer any questions any of my TIOA group might have.

Happy New Year. Donna Jensen

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